Thursday, October 11, 2007

dreary day dreams

man, i wish it was nice out.

props to ps following up on my fire alarm going off yesterday.

i don't have too much to say today.

but i definitely was not a fan of monday becoming tuesday. that is ludicrous, especially since i lost a precious day off. why does the university feel the need to do this?

my greatest gripe, however, is the fact that a long weekend isn't even relaxing. I had two quizzes when i came back for tuesday. I probably would have rather went to school for the entire weekend.

i am just not that kind of learner, unfortunately. It is much too hard to motivate oneself on a long weekend.

more or less, enjoy the shit weather - i have to go sign my beach house lease and pretend i am still a student here.

be real.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

JP Porretta's column of pop culture truths

176 comments. in the world of the fairfield mirror, that is a lot of comments. and it's not on an environmental story, a loan scandal or even the passing of Kristen Duhamel.

it's always at the top of the recently commented list. 176 comments on a column explaining exactly why emo sucks. and that is awesome.

alright, JP Porretta's column was something different; i'll give him that. he drew the ire of an entire group of poseurs and he didn't come out of it with a scratch on him.

(probably because emo kids are pussies)

i never would have thought, however, that his perspective on why emo sucks would create such an online stir (whoever cited his column on wikipedia needs to get a life)

kudos to him. it is a finely written piece. and it certainly isn't a topic i would tackle.

i don't even know who is emo anymore. in high school, i always thought brand new, taking back sunday and dashboard suck were emo. anyway, i would not get heated about it. maybe i'm too passive, but arguing over music sucking is like arguing over art that sucks. if it sucks or if it doesn't suck, who is to say?

that is what i love about opinion pieces; they allow a writer to voice his sentiments, regardless of what his readers think. that is freedom. and that is beautiful.

am i saying that he should just let the kids have their music and pretend to live these destitute, world against me lives?


he is making an observation about a culture that is recognized. and that sucks.

that is just my opinion. take it for what it is worth which in this case is pretty little.

rage against the machine is my favorite band and i'm sure there are plenty of people who have something to say about them.

basically, when it becomes trendy for guys to wear women's jeans and eye makeup, then it might be time to find a new fad.

be real.

and don't whine like emo kids.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


well i sold my tickets to the met game last week and now i feel like an absolute shmuck.

i'm a huge fan, but i couldn't bear to watch them blow the division and watch a meaningless sunday game. but this game is far from meaningless.

john maine yesterday, by the by, what a game.

anyway, so i have a ton of work to do for tomorrow because i am a master putter offer of work. my buddy, however, called me right before the drunken stupor set in last night and informed me that he had an extra ticket to see bob dylan at harbor yard. elvis costello is opening up. yea, bob dylan's voice is beat now but the ticket's free so i will be sitting back just enjoying.

even better, how many people will be able to say they saw dylan, even if it is at the end of his career?

let's go mets because they already blew it. now it's time to stake a claim to what is rightfully theirs - the sucky national league. we'll know by tonight.

I almost forgot - FUCK PHILLY - ever since the phils made their run at the mets division, fans have come out of the woodwork supporting their team.

that is garbage.

public safety sucks.

be real.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

musings from the cloud

newspaper meeting, a good turnout i must say.

it was outrageously humid today and i didn't wear underwear yesterday.

thursday night with no class on friday is most definitely the testicles.

however, having two days off every week (tuesday and friday) is definitely not helping my overall health.

i have been divorced from the gym for two years.

i could breast feed. it's time to go back to the gym.

public safety is a bunch of hooligans who terrorize students and create more problems than they help.

i'm done with fusa - probably for the rest of my time at fairfield. or at least until they fuck up the concert again.

bruce springstein has a new cd coming out - jersey still sucks. and stinks.

most importantly, this school has to care more about the kids and less about the egos.

all broad statements but hey, it's my blog. not yours and not fairfield's.

be real.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my throat feels like a dog's asshole

well not quite but i'm pretty sure it's close if i actually knew what a dog's asshole felt like?

anyway, i'm feeling quitting smoking cigarettes soon. i think it's time not just because it is a disgusting habit but because it is killing me.

if i quit, if i don't then i don't. We're all going to die someday. I could get lung cancer and not even smoke cigarettes. I'm not condoning smoking. picking it up was the stupidest decision i've made outside of sticking around at fairfield. na, i'm just playing - i love this snow globe.


be real

Thursday, September 20, 2007

why no drunk bus?

Regardless of the strained town/gown relations, it is god damn irresponsible for the school to not have a drunk bus. While they acknowledge that students do drink, they refuse to be associated with anything that associates them with the drinking.

So essentially, as far as Fairfield U is concerned, I would be better served jumping in my car loaded, potentially crashing, even more likely getting a DUI now that they have so many of those damn cop checks on Post road, all because the University does not want to offer a simple solution.

My freshman year, I do not care what anyone says but I was at the boobytrap and walked out to find a Datco Fairfield bus down the block and me and my roommate caught it back to campus. Everyone on it was tit hammered. I believe the CT post wrote a little something on it. Good.

The mirror posed the question last year - i'm going to look into it again because it's not right that such a simple solution is such a problem.

And FUCK Fairfield cab - you're liable to end up in another state with those alchy bastards driving you around.

be real

Sunday, May 6, 2007

in the library

to say the least, this sucks